Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Tale of Two Knights

One night in late Decemberish
Beneath a dark and brooding sky
Rode brave and bold Sir Tally-Ho
And the Black Knight, Tatty-By

Sir Tally-Ho in armour fine
With sword and shield and spurs of gold
Sat high upon a milk-white horse
Its warm breath freezing in the cold

On a coal-black mare rode Tatty-By
A-stomping on the frozen ground
To shield him from the ice and snow
A wolf-skin cloak wrapped tight around

Ice and snow
Ice and snow
Upon the trees and earth below
Upon the Field of Morrowmoor
Where met the brave Sir Tally-Ho
And the Black Knight, Tatty-By
One night in late Decemberish
Beneath a dark and brooding sky

Sir Tally-Ho by brookside paused
To quench his weary thirst, and rest
But as he stooped o’er the frozen lake
The ice reflected clear as glass
An image of his true-love laid
As if in death, but recent passed,
A lace veil drawn across her face
And at her breast both hands were clasped.

‘An evil omen this must be
To show my true-love so to me
Have I not left her two days since
Waving from her balcony?’

Up spoke a raven roosting near
‘An image only this will be
But come to pass it will, I fear,
Unless you meet your enemy
In battle by the third month hence
Upon the Field of Morrowmoor
And spill his blood upon the ground
Crimson ‘gainst the frost and hoar’

Frost and hoar
Frost and hoar
Upon the Field of Morrowmoor
Where fought the brave Sir Tally-Ho
And the Black Knight, Tatty-By
That night in late Decemberish,
So very long ago

And so set forth Sir Tally-Ho
Riding high and riding low
For forty days and fifty nights
And many more besides,
The land in ever-winter gripped
No breath, no life, save his alone
The ground as iron, hard as stone
The raven close behind

The black knight rode o’er hill and dale
Drawing with him in his wake
Horrors beneath night’s dark veil
And all around the earth did shake.
All Man’s defences built to last
Trembled as the knight rode past
And fell before his bloody lust
Leaving nought but ash and dust

Ash and dust
Ash and dust
A wilderness of dirt and rust
Upon the Field of Morrowmoor
Where Tally-Ho fought Tatty-By
Beneath a dark and brooding sky
So many years ago

And so at last it came to pass
The two knights met on Morrowmoor
And seeing naught but polished glass
They stood and stared in awe.

A mirror stretching wide and high
They looked into each others' eyes
Reflected in reflections on
And silence all around.

Then spake the white knight angrily
'What meaning here? How can this be?
I came to meet my enemy
Lest my true love should die.'

‘Ah, foolish man, can you not see?
That I am you and you are me?
I am the darkness in your soul
I am the part that makes you whole
And standing here on Morrowmoor
We are each other, nothing more,
And you will know no other love
Until you've bested me.'

Sword-blades thrust and armour flashed,
First a parry then a clash,
A high, a low, an in-between,
And not a pause for breath.

By light of sun and dark of moon
The knights in constant combat spin
For full four weeks ‘til both were spent
But neither could advantage win.

Their battle clean the mirror smashed
And shards of glass rained all around
And where these stabbed the barren ground
A blade of grass was born.

The two knights both exhausted stood
Fought to a standstill; they took root
Their armour rusted in the rain
And, to my knowledge, both remain.

Ages pass,
Tall grows the grass,
Long fingers gripping root and branch,
Two trees that from a clearing rose
Where once stood brave Sir Tally-Ho
And the Black Knight, Tatty-By
One night in late Decemberish,
Beneath a dark and brooding sky
So very long ago

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Last Tree Spirit (image)

"The Last Tree Spirit" based on the song of the same name by Babble. Latest piece in the 'Bread and Circuses' project. This has been through some changes. I had this nearly finished as a kind of Pre-Raph piece. However, though I liked the piece, it seemed somehow out of keeping with everything else. It's funny how the artwork has been not only influenced by songs but from doing other pieces. I came back round to the idea of a Raggity type character that Karen suggested, and it all came together as a companion piece to No Problem. I also had inspiration listening to Tull's 'Jack in the Green'. The spirit as depicted here is possibly the antithesis to the Pigman in 'No Problem'. It is set in the same time and place as No Problem, maybe even in one of the back streets that we don't see in that one. Hidden away, the last tree spirit is planting new seeds in the cracks of the tarmac, a symbol of hope despite everything going on in No Problem. I liked the synthesis in that.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Monday, 25 June 2012

No Problem (image)

'No Problem' artwork based on the song of the same name by UK band Babble This is probably the most complex, not to mention political work I've done to date. The song spoke to me about greed and that became the main theme here. So we have the pig-headed bankers leading the three-headed dog of government, carelessly spilling money everywhere whilst the poor man's hands are empty. All set against the background of a burning city, where looters steal luxury items, because it is somehow their 'right' to own them. Combination of 3d models to get the basics, and a lot of hand painting in Photoshop

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mumm-Ra (image)

Mumm-Ra from Thundercats. Pretty much finished. May tinker with it later... This one was quite different for me, have been moving away from the 3d stuff and doing far more in Photoshop lately. Apart from modelling and pose in 3d app, this was all hand done in Photoshop. Ultimately more satisfying to work on. Approx 9 hours.

Togruta Family Portrait (image)

Togruta family portrait. That pet just wouldn't sit still... yeah, gone a bit Star Wars/Steampunk on this one!