Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Last Tree Spirit (image)

"The Last Tree Spirit" based on the song of the same name by Babble. Latest piece in the 'Bread and Circuses' project. This has been through some changes. I had this nearly finished as a kind of Pre-Raph piece. However, though I liked the piece, it seemed somehow out of keeping with everything else. It's funny how the artwork has been not only influenced by songs but from doing other pieces. I came back round to the idea of a Raggity type character that Karen suggested, and it all came together as a companion piece to No Problem. I also had inspiration listening to Tull's 'Jack in the Green'. The spirit as depicted here is possibly the antithesis to the Pigman in 'No Problem'. It is set in the same time and place as No Problem, maybe even in one of the back streets that we don't see in that one. Hidden away, the last tree spirit is planting new seeds in the cracks of the tarmac, a symbol of hope despite everything going on in No Problem. I liked the synthesis in that.

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